The SEXIEST Steakhouse

Primal Cut Grille Much like its sister restaurant "Primal Cut Steakhouse" is the ultimate sexy dining experience and the perfect pairing to Sapphire 39



Our menu is updated seasonally and gives you all the steakhouse essentials but with a little twist

The menu, created by Executive Chef Daniel Fleming (Battello, Jersey City; Zylo, W Hoboken), focuses on elevated steakhouse staples with fresh and seasonal additions, complemented by dynamic dishes that go outside the lines of a traditional steakhouse menu. Signature dishes include a Thick-Cut Glazed Bacon, Yellowtail Hamachi, Berkshire Pork Chop, and cuts of the highest quality, including Japanese Wagyu A5+, a New York Strip, and Australian Wagyu Tomahawk for two. Primal Cut’s 25-foot bar comes alive with an impressive beverage program. The cocktail menu offers tried and true classics, accompanied by creative versions of the originals.

Our Steaks are just Sexier


Our featured chop comes with luxury.  The steak is 42oz of perfect marblization.  We dry age the chop for 28 days.  Dry aging a steak makes it more tender and flavorful. First, naturally-present enzymes in the meat break down some of the collagen, which holds muscle fibers together and causes steaks to toughen while cooking.  We top it off with encrusting the chops with 24k gold.  A food experience to be remembered.

24k Gold Encrusted Tomahawk Ribeye 42oz